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IoT and Mobility Service

The IoT and Mobility initiative is exponentially transforming human interactions with machines using modern technologies that provide the greatest convenience in human history. Multiple devices have been significantly added to become a dedicated / cloud platform, requiring millions of devices to communicate with each other to collect overall information.This increases bandwidth consumption and poses a potential risk of managing those devices to protect personal information to the outside world. For digital transformation enterprises, it's important to invest time and effort to skill up your team and make final decisions about the right solutions and vendors. We help them remove those milestones for digital transformation.

Zybisys offers a wide range of consulting and support services to help you successfully transform your business through digital means. We are experts in helping businesses implement a mobile enterprise service and IoT platform with reliable, secure communication methods.

Our Offerings

IoT Smart Service

IoT Smart Service

We provide smart deployment service of IoT devices for modernizing your digital business.

IoT Managed Services

IoT Managed Services

Comprehensive managed service for IoT devices that carries deployment, control mechanism, Monitor and Remote management.

IoT SOC Service

IoT SOC Service

IoT SOC Service

IoT Analytics   Consulting

IoT Analytics Consulting

Integrate various IoT devices in to systematic data collections for best customer experience and support.

Our Process

Customer Benefits

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Design reliable and scalable infrastructure for mobility transformation.

Apps Classification

Apps Classification

Help in classification of apps implementations and patch updates.

Security Control

Security Control

Protecting intellectual personal and official information and execute security controls to manage corporate policies.

MDM Service

MDM Service

Customer will have comprehensive support service for 24/7 support in all 365 days.

Digital Connect

Digital Connect

Business can always bond with customers for business developments and support service at anytime and anywhere.



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